Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy of ACT Meters (UK) Ltd.

ACT Meters (UK) Ltd. (hereinafter “ACT”), needs to gather and use certain information about individuals including customers, suppliers, business contacts and employees. This data may be stored both electronically as well as on paper.

ACT understands that protecting the data we hold is of the highest importance and we are committed to collecting and using this data fairly, storing the data safely as well as ensuring data is not disclosed unlawfully. ACT is committed to making continual improvements in our policy and procedures when required, so that we continue to protect the data we hold.

ACT may have to share your information with third parties to facilitate the service you require (e.g. Courier Delivery Company). This information is shared and processed confidentially by all parties. To view the privacy policies of any of our associated third parties, please refer to them directly.

ACT do not sell your data for advertising and/or marketing purposes.

If ACT is required to disclose data to comply with legal obligations, we may do this without your consent.

ACT is committed to ensuring that data is:
• processed fairly and lawfully
• obtained only for specific, lawful purposes
• relevant but not excessive
• accurate and up to date
• not held for any longer than necessary
• processed in accordance with the rights of data subjects
• protected in appropriate ways
• not transferred outside of the European Union, unless that country or territory has similar levels of protection

Paul Grant acts as the appointed Data Protection Officer and is responsible for the policy and procedures that we have put in place to both maintain ACT’s privacy & data protection standards and to ensure we abide by the requirements of the law set out in the EU`s General Data Protection Regulation and the UK`s Data Protection Act of 1998.

ACT have taken steps to ensure that all employees are clear about their responsibilities to safeguard data and have the necessary training and procedures in place to follow.